Sentence Examples

  • The careful examination of the chain by members of the English and French Alpine Clubs has since 1880 considerably modified the views held with respect to its general character; the southern versant, formerly regarded as inferior in, area, has been proved to be the more important of the two.
  • The importance shown to attach to the Spanish versant has greatly modified the values formerly assigned to the area and mean elevation of the Pyrenees.
  • The Kebbi, fed by many torrents rising in the eastern versant of the Mandara Hills, issues from the S.W.
  • In some places limestones appear as projections from the range; at others conglomerates and Tertiary clay marls form the outermost fold."' On the north versant of the ranges the rainfall increases from the foot of the mountains upwards, and at woo-10,000 ft.
  • The south versant, on the other hand, is barren and desolate below the 10,000 ft.

What's another word for versant?

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