Sentence Examples

  • Toss a few into an inexpensive straw basket with potpourri or a handful of flowers without spending too much cash.Add a romantic touch to any centerpiece by sprinkling freeze dried rose petals onto the tables.
  • Kaboose: At this site, you'll find instructions for making a potpourri basket, personalized memo pad with sparkles, painted jars, memo frame, magnetic bookmarks, scented soaps, apple pencil topper, and more.
  • In addition to traditional forms of home fragrance such as scented candles, potpourri and oil burners, other types of home fragrance options are continually being developed.
  • Leaves and flowers have either been dried and used as potpourri or in scented sachets, or distilled into an oil which releases the pure fragrance over time.
  • Make a small amount of plaster of Paris (You can buy the mix at any craft store), but substitute liquid potpourri for the water the directions call for.