Sentence Examples

  • With the onslaught of strange disappearances and mysterious events, the threat upon the city is on the rise and the utopian haven is in danger of being tarnished forever.
  • Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn trilogy, his Edenists lived in a Utopian society.
  • Fortunately for Russia the autocratic power was now in the hands of a man who was impressionable enough to be deeply influenced by the spirit of the time, and who had sufficient prudence and practical common-sense to prevent his being carried away by the prevailing excitement into the dangerous region of Utopian dreaming.
  • A term, "techno-utopian," is often applied to people who believe a technology will bring about a perfect world.
  • It can spend money enough on such things as farmers and traders value, but it is thought Utopian to propose spending money for things which more intelligent men know to be of far more worth.