Sentence Examples

  • That's because Josh gave her an ultimatum... him or the goats.
  • In August an ultimatum was received from Chile demanding arbitration.
  • Rumours of this gigantic scheme reached Constantinople, and as Catherine's menacing attitude left little doubt as to her aggressive intentions the Porte presented an ultimatum and finally declared war (1787).
  • When the king began to hint at the recall of Piero de' Medici, whose envoys had gained his ear, the signory ordered the citizens to be ready to fly to arms. The proposal was dropped, but Charles demanded an immense sum of money before he would leave the city; long discussions followed, and when at last he presented an insolent ultimatum the syndics refused to accept it.
  • 29 1911, however, the Italian Government presented an ultimatum stating that, Turkish obstruction and hostility to Italian interests having become so great, the occupation of Tripoli had been decided upon.