Sentence Examples

  • Whatever Austrias ulterior views may have been, Bismarck certainly from the first had but one aim before him.
  • C. Fuller, who succeeded Sir Donald Stewart as chief commissioner early in 1905, was able to report in the following year that among the Ashanti suspicion of the "white man's" ulterior motives was speedily losing ground.
  • Roman Spain.The Romans divided Spain into two spheres of administration (provinciae), Hither or Citerior, that is the northern districts which were nearer to Italy, and Repubnesn Further or Ulterior, the south.
  • Thus, in the full anticipation of added renown, and without any misgiving as to ulterior consequences, Galileo set himself, on his return to Florence, to complete his famous but ill-starred work, the Dialogo dei due massimi sistemi del mondo.
  • North Italy between Alps and Apennines and (b) the far more important Gallia Transalpina (or Ulterior, " Further"), usually called Gallia (Gaul) simply, the land bounded by the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees, the Atlantic, the Rhine, i.e.