Sentence Examples

  • We also believe in not using marketing jargon or spiel.
  • You may even end up spending more than you have, which means you get the dreaded "Your card has been declined" spiel or if you happen to have savings, you see it decline every month due to overdraft charges.
  • It may even be easier since you don't have to go sit down with a salesperson for their spiel, nor do you have to find time in your busy schedule to make it there before closing when you work, too.
  • Brett Spiel Welt: is a German website that allows players to play several games that are not readily found in the United States and are vastly different than your normal Monopoly.
  • The most complete treatise on the subject is C. Sartori's Das Kottabos-Spiel der alten Griechen (1893), in which a full bibliography of ancient and modern authorities is given.