Sentence Examples

  • Just tuck the appliance away in the storage sot of your choice when it's not in use and place it on the surface where you want to cook the next time you're ready to prepare a deep fried meal.
  • Johnson was a water-drinker and Boswell was a winebibber, and indeed little better than an habitual sot.
  • It was in the third century that the cult of Mithras, with its mysteries and a theology evolved from Zoroastrianism, attained the widest diffusion in all Latin-speaking provinces of the Roman dominion; and it even seemed for a while as though the Sot invictus Mithras, highly favored by the Caesars, would become the official deity-in-chief of the empire.
  • They are the following: L, n, r, d between vowels or at the end of a word disappear: sd (sal), so (sot), vice (viene), tire (tiene), paa and pa (para), mia (mira), naa and ha (nada), too and to (todo).
  • That you're a fool, que vous etes un sot, but everybody knew that.