Sentence Examples

  • Cooking courses are an affordable way to introduce kids to cooking in a instructor-based structured environment, while providing the unique opportunity to socialize with other passionate cooks!
  • Many parents are concerned because their young children prefer "chat time" on their computers more than actually talking face to face with other children, so these children may not socialize as much in the homes of neighbors and friends.
  • Finding a homeschool support group is important because it can help you learn about trends in your school district, find out what curriculums are the best and give you a way to socialize with people who have a similar interest.
  • Since she's already had time to travel, socialize with friends, build a successful career, and fulfill other important personal goals, Mariska should be in a great position to tackle the challenges of raising a child.
  • Even if you're not that involved with extracurricular activities at school, when a job takes away from your ability to study, socialize, spend some time with family, and get enough rest, there is a problem.