Sentence Examples

  • In the next year followed the Considerations sur les richesses et le luxe, combating the opinions of Necker; and in 1788 the more valuable Considerations sur l'esprit et les mceurs, a book which abounds in sententious, but often excessively frank, sayings.
  • At the Restoration, pulpit oratory in England became drier, less picturesque and more sententious.
  • An increase of sententious imperative clauses is also to be noted.
  • Music he disregarded, and all poetry that was more than sententious prose.
  • There is the deep pathos of the scene in which is described Rama's farewell to his mother: the rugged language depicting the horrors of the battlefield - a torrent of harsh sounds clashing against each other and reverberating from phrase to phrase; and, as occasion requires, a sententious, aphoristic method of narrative, teeming with similes drawn from nature herself, and not from the traditions of the schools.