Sentence Examples

  • LTK: You portrayed the stand out role of Quentin Fields on One Tree Hill, your character's life and later his very regrettable death, left an indelible impression.
  • Your view of life is a regrettable delusion.
  • Nevertheless, his record here was not clear of blots, showing a few regrettable inconsistencies.
  • His nepotism, again, casts a dark shadow over his memory: but most regrettable of all was his indifference towards the ending of the schism.
  • The resulting reaction caused a regrettable loss of life in the Madras and Bombay famine of 1876-1878; and the Famine Commission of 1880, followed by those of 1898 and 1901, laid down the principle that every possible life must be saved, but that the wages on relief works must be so regulated in relation to the market rate of wages as not to undermine the independence of the people.