Sentence Examples

  • The MySpace developer platform will get you started in creating your game, quiz, or customization option for MySpace so you can express yourself to your friends in more ways than just a status update.
  • For example, take their quiz about your lifestyle preferences to find out what type of community may be ideal for your personality as well as what region might suit you if you're planning to move away from home but not sure where to go.
  • The Question: Rather than getting down on one knee and asking a simple question, a more creative approach may be to ask a series of questions in a quiz or survey format leading to the proposal.
  • Kaboose has a quiz inspired by Dr. Bonnie Maslin's book Picking Your Battles: Winning Strategies for Raising Well-Behaved Kids, which suggests that parents can fall into four different styles.
  • If you're having a difficult time deciding on which school you should attend or what kind of pet you should get, an online quiz will help you pinpoint what you want and what you don't want, making the decision making process easier.