Sentence Examples

  • Duke William was able, restless and adventurous, an ideal knight of the palmy days of chivalry.
  • The literature that we now call the New Testament held its place because it was regarded as a product of the palmy days of that great movement.
  • Trade does not extend largely between Afghanistan and India by the Tochi route, being locally confined to the valley and the districts at its head, yet this is the shortest and most direct route between Ghazni and the frontier, and in the palmy days of Ghazni raiding was the road by which the great robber Mahmud occasionally descended on to the Indus plains.
  • Camels were very successfully employed as pack animals on the Tule desert in the palmy days of Virginia City, Nevada, before the advent of railways.
  • The palmy days of South Arabia it was probably a station on the great incense route, and thus Ptolemy may have learned the name, which he writes Makoraba.