Sentence Examples

  • Where such natural defences are wanting the village is protected by high palisades and by fighting platforms on trees commanding its approaches.
  • The position of the village opposite the northernmost end of the Palisades gave it importance during the war.
  • And lies near the foot of the New Jersey Palisades, which rise both on the W.
  • The latter had a class of burgher called Pfahlburger, men who lived in the open country outside the Pfahle, or palisades of the town, but who could claim the protection of the municipal authorities.
  • The phantoms which are seen when we look at two parallel sets of palisades or railings, one behind the other, or look through two parallel sides of a meat-safe formed of perforated zinc. The appearance presented is that of a magnified set of bars or apertures which appear to move rapidly as we slowly walk past.