Sentence Examples

  • And of course, the famous photo of star Betty Grable in a one-piece, looking over her shoulder, was the number-one pin-up during the war and labeled by Life magazine as one of the "100 Photos That Changed the World."
  • If you need to dress a child up in something that's outstandingly formal, sans buttons or heavy-duty zippers, then French lace dresses are your number-one choice.
  • In addition to his acting and reality television work, he is a major singing sensation in many parts of the world with several number-one hits under his belt.
  • Their uniform is a replica of the 1967 "Giant-Killers" that overcame Purdue, Southern California, and their number-one rival, Oregon.
  • Featuring the number-one lead single "If You Had My Love" and the hit "Waiting For Tonight," it signaled the start of a promising career.