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Another word for premier

  1. Most important, influential, or significant

      1. Of or relating to financial assets, especially being or related to those financial assets that add to the net worth of a business:
      2. Most important or most serious; principal; chief
      3. First and foremost; principal:
      1. Bright-red, like the robe of a cardinal
      2. Of foremost importance; paramount:
      3. Of main importance; principal; chief
      1. Highest, as in rank or office; foremost
      2. Highest in rank, authority, or office:
      3. Most important or significant; main; principal
      1. Ranking before all others; foremost in rank, quality, importance, etc.; principal
      2. Corresponding in order to the number one.
      3. Ranking above all others, as in importance or quality; foremost:
      1. More prominent or important than others, especially in position or rank:
      2. First in rank or importance; leading
      1. Of crucial importance; significant:
      2. Controlling; essential; important
      1. Having a position in the lead; foremost:
      2. Principal; chief
      3. Ranking first.
      1. Most important; principal.
      2. (Nautical) Connected to or located near the mainmast:
      3. Chief in size, extent, importance, etc.; principal; leading; specif., designating a large central unit on which subsidiaries or branches depend
      1. Characterized by major intervals, scales, etc.
      2. Designating a triad having intervals of a major third between the lower two pitches, and a minor third between the upper two pitches
      3. Equivalent to the distance between the tonic note and the second or third or sixth or seventh degrees of a major scale or mode:
      1. First in rank, order, or importance:
      1. Highest in rank, power, or authority:
      2. Of chief concern or importance:
      1. (Ornithology) Designating or of the large, stiff feathers on the last section, or hand, of a bird's wing
      2. Relating to the replacement of only one of several atoms or groups in a compound, such as an amine in which one valence of the functional group is taken by a carbon atom.
      3. First in importance; chief; principal; main
      1. Being the most desired or suitable example of something:
      2. From which others are derived; fundamental; basic
      3. First or highest in rank or importance; main:
      1. Highest or among the highest in rank, authority, importance, degree, etc.
      2. Of, relating to, or being financial principal, or a principal in a financial transaction.
      3. First or highest in rank or importance.
      1. Of, situated at, or being the top; uppermost, highest, greatest, or foremost
      2. Of the highest degree, quality, rank, or amount:
      3. Of or having to do with the Top 40 or the kind of popular music they represent
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