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Another word for nestling

      1. (Figuratively) An immature, naïve and/or inexperienced person.
      2. (Literally) A young bird which has just developed its flight feathers (notably wings).
      3. A young bird that has left the nest and has usually acquired flight feathers, but is often not yet able to fly.
      1. (Slang) A woman (especially one who is young and/or attractive).
      2. (Slang) A young woman
      3. A child.
      1. An unweaned young animal
      2. A young mammal which isn't weaned yet (such as a (foal) (baby horse) that is still being fed milk by its mother (dam).
      3. (Archaic) An unweaned child
      1. A very young nonhuman mammal, especially a primate.
      2. A child in the earliest period of life, especially before he or she can walk.
      3. A very young child; baby
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