Sentence Examples

  • From the brand's famed line of denim to the urban feel of pocket-laden cargo pants and utility bags, Girbaud has managed to maintain the classic, low-key yet unavoidably glamorous attitude that is associated with European style.
  • There are many benefits to low-key parks - they are typically less expensive than major theme parks and they often feature more interactive games and attractions rather than rides that simply strap riders in for a quick thrill.
  • If you prefer a more low-key anniversary celebration onboard Royal Caribbean, then consider requesting a Royal Romance package which includes anniversary-related stateroom decorations and a "Congratulations" cake.
  • That doesn't necessarily mean the company with the biggest marketing budget; sometimes the low-key guys that put their spare dollars into finding better raw materials for their products have the best stuff.
  • If formal's not your thing, you can get a dress for more casual occasions at Anthropologie-they have them in denim and other low-key fabrics for the choosing, and the price point is relatively low as well.