Sentence Examples

  • HSP is an acute but self-limited illness characterized by a low-grade fever (around 100.4°F[38°C]), purpura, joint pains (usually in the ankles and knees), abdominal pain, bleeding in the digestive tract, and inflammation of the kidneys.
  • More than 85 percent of patients survive for more than five years after complete surgical removal of low-grade osteosarcomas (tumors that arise in mature tissue and contain a small number of cancerous cells).
  • Cigarette smoking raises the white blood cells count, activating the immune system; however, smoking causes low-grade chronic bronchitis, low birth weight infants, and weakened natural immunity in newborns.
  • Some patients with polyarticular JA will have other symptoms of a systemic illness, including anemia (low red blood cell count), decreased growth rate, low appetite, low-grade fever, and a slight rash.
  • Many of the higher end children's swimsuits are made with performance fabrics that offer far greater durability than the cheap, low-grade Lycra bathing suits you'll find at discount department stores.