Sentence Examples

  • They both thought about it before extracting driver's licenses from their wallets.
  • Motor licenses issued in 1914-5 numbered 9,867, and 45,949 in 1919-20.
  • Licenses for sale of Tumbeki, a variety of Persian tobacco used for the narghile, T2046.
  • All tithes have been abolished, except those on cereals, carobs, silk cocoons, and, in the form of to% ad valorem export duties, those on cotton, linseed, aniseed and raisins (all other export duties and a fishing tax have been abolished); (4) sheep, goat, and pig tax; (5) an excise on wine, spirits and tobacco; (6) import duties; (7) stamps, court fees, royalties, licenses, &c.; (8) salt monopoly.
  • Sanitary taxes, £T20,519, and fisheries and sporting licenses affected to the service of the public debt, £T153,990.