Sentence Examples

  • When the stress came, and he retreated to the British legation, he took an active part in the defence, and spared neither risk nor toil in his exertions.
  • On the formation of the kingdom of Italy in 1860 they were reduced to the Comarca of Rome, the legation of Velletri, and the three delegations of Viterbo, Civita Vecchia and Frosinone; and in 1870 they disappeared from the political map of Europe.
  • When his father was sent as minister to Great Britain in 1825 he accompanied him as secretary of the American legation, and when his father returned home on account of ill health he remained as charge d'affaires until August 1826.
  • One of such enclosures constitutes the British legation, and most of the other foreign legations are similarly, though not so sumptuously, lodged.
  • In November 1797 he sent to Malta Poussielgue, secretary of the French legation at Genoa, on business which was ostensibly commercial but (as he informed the Directory) "in reality to put the last touch to the design that we have on that island."