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Another word for legatee

      1. Anyone who receives property of a deceased person either by will or by law
      2. A person who succeeds or is in line to succeed to a hereditary rank, title, or office.
      3. A person who inherits or is legally entitled to inherit, through the natural action of the law, another's property or title upon the other's death
      1. A woman who stands to inherit
      2. A female heir, esp. to great wealth
      1. (Computing, programming) A class, etc. that derives from another code element through inheritance.
      2. Someone who inherits something; an heir.
      1. (--- Law) One appointed by a court to administer or hold in trust property in bankruptcy or in a lawsuit
      2. (--- Football) A member of the offensive team eligible to catch a forward pass.
      3. A person appointed by a court to receive and responsibly administer funds or property connected with ongoing litigation.
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