Sentence Examples

  • Gabriel obeyed, and Katie flung a shoe at the domineering man with the jewel-toned eyes.
  • The man with the jewel-toned eyes strode across the study without a look at her.
  • After five years of government service he resigned to become a jewel merchant.
  • Bibliography.-Sir Thomas Urquhart's Discovery of a most excellent jewel (1652; reprinted in the Maitland Club's edition of Urquhart's Works in 1834) is written with the express purpose of glorifying Scotland.
  • In 1565, like many other English exiles, he made his headquarters at Louvain, and after a visit to the Imperial Diet at Augsburg in 1566, in attendance upon Commendone, who had been largely instrumental in the reconciliation of England with Rome in Mary's reign, he threw himself into the literary controversy between Bishop Jewel (q.v.) and Harding.