Sentence Examples

  • The two main producers of the chocolate pearls, Shanghai Gems SA of Geneva and the Ballerina Pearl Company of New York, both maintained that the beautiful vibrant chocolate colors were not the product of irradiation or dyes.
  • As news of the lustrous rich chocolate pearls of the Ballerina Pearl Company spread, questions arose as to whether or not they were natural cultured pearls or Tahitian black pearls colored by irradiation treatments or dyes.
  • The frequency of chromosomal breaks is increased when T-lymphocytes are exposed to x rays in the laboratory, and this sensitivity to ionizing irradiation forms the basis for a specialized A-T diagnostic test.
  • According to Idaho State University, 37 countries had approved the food irradiation process as of 1995, with the largest users being Belgium, the Netherlands and France in that year.
  • Studies carried out by the Geological Institute of America show that the shimmering chocolaty colored pearls are not a product of added dyes or irradiation treatments.