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Another word for intact

  1. Lacking nothing essential or normal

      1. Not divided or disjoined; in one unit:
      2. Constituting the full amount, extent, or duration:
      3. Having the same parents:
      1. (Gram.) Expressing or showing a state reached or an action completed at the time of speaking or at the time indicated: verbs have three perfect tenses: simple (or present) perfect, past perfect (or pluperfect), and future perfect
      2. Complete; thorough; utter:
      3. Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.
      1. Possessing everything essential; entire.
      2. Made up of parts forming a whole
      3. Whole or complete
      1. Having a base runner at first, second, and third base:
      2. Containing all that is normal or possible:
      3. Complete in every particular:
      1. Having no part excluded or left out; whole:
      2. Not lacking any of the parts; whole
      3. (Botany) Not having an indented margin:
      1. Lacking no component part; full; whole; entire
      2. (Football) Caught in bounds by a receiver:
      3. Having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps; entire:
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  2. In excellent condition

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Another word for intact