Sentence Examples

  • The highest point, beyond which strictly philosophical inquirers did not penetrate, was the active intellect, - a sort of soul of the world in Aristotelian garb - the principle which inspires and regulates the development of humanity, and in which lies the goal of perfection for the human spirit.
  • By turns our purity inspires and our impurity casts us down.
  • This is the lowest stage of concrete consciousness - life, and not knowledge; the spirit inspires, but does not reflect.
  • It is equally a soul or spirit in wine which inspires the intoxicated; the old Egyptian kings avoided wine at table and in libations, because it was the blood of rebels who had fought with the gods, and out of whose rotting bodies grew the vines; to drink the blood was to imbibe the soul of these rebels, and the frenzy of intoxication which followed was held to be possession by their spirits.
  • Howitt speaks too of the Dieri Kutchi, who inspires medicine-men with ideas, but about him our information is scanty.