Sentence Examples

  • Bangs can be secured with a light layer of hair spray or a gob of hair wax.
  • Among the larger trees are the mountain cedar, reaching to 100 ft.; the gob, which bears edible berries in appearance something like the cherry with the taste of an apple, grows to some 80 ft., and is found fringing the river beds; the hassadan, a kind of euphorbia, attaining a height of about 70 ft.; and the darei, a fig tree.
  • Has been removed is known in different districts as the " goaf," " gob," or " waste."
  • About onehalf of the total coal (or less) is obtained in the first working; the roof is then allowed to fall, and when the gob is sufficiently consolidated, fresh roads are driven through it to obtain the ribs and pillars left behind by a second or even, in some cases, a third, _!?/i _ ?