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Another word for endue

  1. To present with a quality, trait, or power

      1. To commit (money or capital) in order to gain a financial return:
      2. To spend or devote for future advantage or benefit:
      3. To devote morally or psychologically, as to a purpose; commit:
      1. To encircle (a person or the part of the body) with a belt or band.
      2. To fasten or secure (clothing, for example) with a belt or band.
      3. To surround.
      1. Something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation:
      2. The act of giving:
      3. A talent, endowment, aptitude, or inclination:
      1. To provide with property, income, or a source of income.
      2. To equip or supply with a talent or quality:
      3. To imagine as having a usually favorable trait or quality:
      1. A spouse's legal entitlement, during his or her lifetime, to a share of a deceased spouse's real estate or other property.
      2. The part or interest of a deceased man's real estate allotted by law to his widow for her lifetime.
      3. A natural endowment or gift; a dowry.
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