Sentence Examples

  • Out of all the Bare Escentuals makeup kits, this one will empower you with the most knowledge and ability to look gorgeous each and every time.
  • Discovering Deaf Worlds is an international nonprofit deaf advocacy organization that strives to help and empower people and communities in developing countries who are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • The Hot Milk designer lingerie company seeks to change that attitude and in the process empower pregnant women and breastfeeding moms by creating sensual maternity lingerie and breastfeeding bras that are both beautiful and comfortable.
  • Empowering school culture: Schools must identify those aspects of education that hinder learning and then empower families and students from all backgrounds, so that the full development of students is achieved.
  • Through networking and increased awareness, the organization has helped empower cat owners to become active in their communities to protest unfair legislation that targets responsible pet owners.