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Another word for empoison

  1. To have a destructive effect on

      1. To put poison on or into:
      2. To give poison to; harm or destroy by means of poison
      3. To kill or harm with poison.
      1. (Computers) To become transmitted to and copied on (a hard drive, for example). Used of a virus or other harmful software.
      2. To cause to become diseased by bringing into contact with such an organism or matter
      3. To cause the invasion of (a cell, for example) with a microorganism or other infectious agent:
      1. To embitter.
      2. To put venom or poison on or into; make poisonous
      3. To fill with hate; embitter
      1. To infect with corruption or decay.
      2. To infect or debase with corruption
      3. To become infected with or as if with canker.
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