Sentence Examples

  • Human sciences dissect everything to comprehend it, and kill everything to examine it.
  • When we come to dissect it, we find several striking characteristics.
  • 19 a nuances, or grades of difference, which are the more gradual the more finely we dissect the geologic column, while the terms species, sub-species and variety are generally based upon a sum of changes in several characters.
  • He at least claims to have been the first to dissect the procedure of the debate-game, and the larger claim may be and Aristotle who was inferior as a metaphysician to neither.
  • Particularly is this so as regards the question of authorship. As Harnack observes (Lukas der Arzt, p. 24), the" miraculous " or supernormal ele ment is hardly, if at all, less marked in the " we " sections, which are substantially the witness of a companion of Paul (and where efforts to dissect out the miracles are fruitless), than in the rest of the work.