Sentence Examples

  • A short time afterwards Artabanus was deposed again, and a certain Cinnamus was proclaimed king.
  • For this unfriendly act he was deposed and replaced by Biren, who had previously been duke of Courland (1737-40) and had since been an exile in Siberia and Yarosla y.
  • He now prorogued parliament, adopted stringent measures against the Liberals, and retired to Gaeta, the haven of refuge for deposed despots.
  • Several of the princes deposed by him, the Orsinis, and some of his own captains, such as Vitellozzo Vitelli, Oliverotto da Fermo, and G.
  • On all sides his enemies rose up against him; in Romagna the deposed princes prepared to regain their own, and the Orsinis raised their heads once more in Rome.