Sentence Examples

  • Slingshot: Daredevil sliders can get a running start at this diving ramp that leads to a 35 foot long slide with water jets and sprays sprinkling its length.
  • Farrell went on to make American Outlaws, Hart's War (with Bruce Willis), Minority Report (opposite Tom Cruise), Phone Booth, The Recruit (with Al Pacino), Daredevil (starring Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck), and S.W.A.T (with Samuel L.
  • At the time, Affleck was involved with Jennifer Lopez.When Garner filmed Elektra, a Daredevil spin-off, Ben came to the set for a cameo and they finally hooked up.
  • Maybe you aren't the snowboarding daredevil type and, instead, you'd like to look like you just spent your summer vacation camped out in North Vietnam.
  • There are also trick and jump skis, both of which are pretty self-explanatory (i.e. these are the types of skis you want if you're a daredevil).