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Another word for critique

  1. Evaluative and critical discourse

      1. The act of making judgments; analysis of qualities and evaluation of comparative worth; esp., the critical consideration and judgment of literary or artistic work
      2. The scientific or scholarly investigation of texts or documents to discover their origin, history, or original form
      3. A comment, review, article, etc. expressing such analysis and judgment
      1. The act of noting or observing; perception or attention:
      2. A brief mention or critical review of a work of art, book, play, etc.
      3. A written or printed announcement:
      1. The act or process of going over a lesson or subject again, as in study or recitation
      2. A magazine containing articles of criticism and appraisal, often in a specific field
      3. A report or essay giving a critical estimate of a work or performance.
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Another word for critique

      1. A historical narrative based on personal experience
      2. A series of explanatory notes or annotations, often forming a treatise on a text
      3. An expository treatise or series of annotations; an exegesis:
      1. (Chemistry) The separation of a substance into its constituent elements to determine either their nature (qualitative analysis) or their proportions (quantitative analysis).
      2. A spoken or written presentation of such study:
      3. Systems analysis.
      1. (Computing, programming) Determination of the value of a variable or expression.
      2. (Mathematics) A completion of a mathematical operation; a valuation.
      3. An assessment, such as an annual personnel performance review used as the basis for a salary increase or bonus, or a summary of a particular situation.