Sentence Examples

  • No petition is necessary in this case, and the bishop is said to collate to the benefice.
  • Thus new histories were written and old ones unearthed, collected and printed, but no attempt was made to criticize and collate the manuscripts of the past, or to present two sides of a question in the writings of the present.
  • Dr Jackson in 1903 climbed to the ledge of the rock and was able to collate the lower part of the four large Persian columns; he thus convinced himself that Foy's conjecture of arstam (" righteousness") for Rawlinson's abistam or abastam was correct.
  • To collate a manuscript is to observe and record everything in it which may be of use towards determining what stood in the source or the sources from which it is derived.
  • Luther received a fresh impulse towards the study of Greek, and his translation of the Scriptures, begun as early as 1517, now made rapid progress, Melanchthon helping to collate the Greek versions and revising Luther's translation.