Sentence Examples

  • They included a perpetual calendar with phases and age of the moon, indication of sunrise and sunset, and a celestial chart depicting the constellations of stars in the sky over Packard's home in Ohio.
  • The most popular theories revolve around a celestial alignment, mega solar flares or a magnetic pole shift that will cause cataclysmic events that ravage the earth.
  • The Chinese astronomers first created Ten Heavenly Stems (the celestial ch'i and providence) and Twelve Earthly Branches to give some kind of chronological order to the world and allow them to predict earth changes.
  • Among the rest of the designs, you'll find animals, flowers, and Japanese Kanji, but what you'll really be interested in are the cool Tribal-inspired designs featuring mythological creatures, celestial bodies, and tribal hearts.
  • The Cometes collection is composed of sparkling, celestial pieces created from materials such as rock crystal, sapphires, platinum, white gold, and Tahitian and Japanese pearls.