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Another word for boor

  1. An unrefined, rude person

      1. A member of a people considered uncivilized or culturally inferior by members of another people.
      2. (Obs.) An alien or foreigner
      3. A member of one of the non-Greek peoples in the ancient world, regarded by the ancient Greeks as culturally inferior.
      1. (Brit., Dial.) A boor; churl
      2. A rude, insensitive person; a boor.
      3. A noisy puffing or explosive sound, such as one made by a locomotive.
      1. A medieval English peasant.
      2. A selfish or mean person
      3. A rude, boorish person.
      1. A member of a non-Semitic people that lived in Philistia and repeatedly warred with the Israelites
      2. A person regarded as smugly narrow and conventional in views and tastes, lacking in and indifferent to cultural and aesthetic values
      3. A person who is smugly indifferent or hostile to art and culture.
      1. A vulgar person; esp., a rich person with coarse, ostentatious manners or tastes
      2. A person who makes an ostentatious display of wealth and is often poorly educated or lacking in refinement.
      1. An unrefined and often loud or disruptive person.
      2. (Literature) One of a race of brutes, who look and act similar to men, that inhabit the same land as the civilized Houyhnhnms.
      3. (Informal) An employee of the Internet company Yahoo!.
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Another word for boor

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