Sentence Examples

  • The flashbacks are quite well done in filling in the MacLeod story; in the earlier flashbacks, he is basically an illiterate young lout, and he accrues education, culture, and a moral sense as his Immortality continues.
  • Unfortunately, the boyfriend was being a boor, so the young woman decided she'd rather brave a walk home in the cold and dark rather than spend another minute with the lout.
  • The lout or dolt, bishop of Velletri) was pope from 1058 to 1059.
  • Why talk rubbish, lout that you are--a real peasant! came rebukes from all sides addressed to the jesting soldier.
  • They looked down on the Syrian, they thought the Berber a lout and a plebeian, they scorned the renegade, and called him a slave and son of a slave.