Sentence Examples

  • But fortune now brought Bonaparte to blight those hopes.
  • After a blight all but wiped out successive crops in the early 1900's, the local economy turned to dairy farming, but Milford has never forgotten its role in the glory days of the hop industry.
  • Though the hopes of the husbandmen were not unfrequently disappointed by the blight of the south wind.
  • The " woolly aphis," " American blight," or " larch blight " (Eriosoma laricis) often attacks the trees in close valleys, but rarely spreads much unless other unhealthy conditions are present.
  • The people came to subsist almost entirely on potatoes and herrings; and in 1846, when the potato blight began its ravages, nearly universal destitution ensued - embracing, over the islands generally, 70% of the inhabitants.