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Another word for baptize

  1. To give a name or title to

Another word for baptize

  1. To cleanse sacramentally

      1. To bring into practice or use; introduce by first doing or using; start
      2. To teach the fundamentals of some subject to; help to begin doing something
      3. To set going by taking the first step; begin:
      1. To spread false or damaging charges against; slander
      2. To spread false or damaging accusations or insinuations against (someone).
      3. To sprinkle, especially with holy water.
      1. To submerge oneself briefly in water.
      2. To dip (bread, cake, etc.) into coffee or other liquid before eating it
      3. (Intransitive, basketball) To put the ball directly downward through the hoop while grabbing onto the rim with power.
      1. To lower or drop (something) suddenly:
      2. To form (a candle) by repeatedly immersing a wick in melted wax or tallow.
      3. To scoop up by plunging the hand or a receptacle below the surface, as of a liquid; ladle:
      1. To cover (an object) by sprinkling a substance on to it.
      2. To scatter (water, sand, etc.) in drops or particles
      3. To cause (a substance) to fall in fine drops (for a liquid substance) or small pieces (for a solid substance).
      1. (Biol.) To grow anew (a part to replace one hurt or lost)
      2. (Mech.) To use (heat, energy, pressure, etc. which would otherwise be wasted) by employing special arrangements or devices
      3. (Chem.) To produce (a compound, product, etc.) again chemically, as from a derivative or by modification to a physically changed, but not chemically changed, form
      1. To rid of foreign or objectionable elements:
      2. To become purified
      3. To rid of impurities:
      1. To engage wholly or deeply; absorb:
      2. To baptize by submerging in water.
      3. To plunge, drop, or dip into or as if into a liquid, esp. so as to cover completely
  2. To give a name

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