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Another word for designation

  1. The act of appointing to an office or position

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  2. The word or words by which one is called and identified

      1. The act of naming.
      2. A protected name under which a wine may be sold, indicating that the grapes used are of a specific kind from a specific district.
      3. A name, title, or designation.
      1. A common noun
      2. A name or title
      1. A family name; a surname.
      2. The third and usually last name of a citizen of ancient Rome, as Caesar in Gaius Julius Caesar.
      3. Any name; esp., a nickname
      1. A large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name, usually organized under a single administrative and legal hierarchy.
      2. A class or kind (esp. of units in a system) having a specific name or value
      3. A name; esp., the name of a class of things
      1. A term used as a descriptive substitute for the name or title of a person, such as The Great Emancipator for Abraham Lincoln.
      2. A descriptive name or title (Ex.: Philip the Fair, America the Beautiful)
      3. (Biology) A word in the scientific name of an organism following the name of the genus and denoting a species, subspecies, variety, or cultivar, as sativa in Lactuca sativa.
      1. Representation or repute, as opposed to reality:
      2. A distinguished reputation:
      3. A reputation:
      1. A familiar or shortened form of a proper name.
      1. Distinction, excellence, originality, and character in any form of artistic or literary expression
      2. A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes:
      3. A name or title:
      1. A cliché, saw, or similar short, conventional idea used to embellish a discourse:
      2. A short, familiar quotation, often, specif., one used as such an ending
      3. A card, ticket, plastic marker, etc. tied or attached to something as a label or worn as identification, etc.
      1. The name of a book, chapter, poem, essay, picture, statue, piece of music, play, film, etc.
      2. A formal appellation attached to the name of a person as a sign of office, rank, profession, or hereditary privilege.
      3. A descriptive name; an epithet:
      1. A thing like a handle in appearance or use
      2. An alternate name or nickname, especially one chosen for self-identification on online forums or citizens band radio.
      3. (Slang) A person's name, nickname, or title
      1. (Informal) A person's name or nickname
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Another word for designation

  1. The act of designating

      1. The act of selecting something:
      2. A range of things from which one can make a choice:
      3. A variety from which to choose
      1. Something that serves to indicate; a sign:
      2. Something indicated as necessary or expedient:
      3. The information indicated by a measuring instrument.
      1. Something specified; specified item, particular, etc.
      2. A single item or article that has been specified.
      3. A detailed, exact statement of particulars, especially a statement prescribing materials, dimensions, and quality of work for something to be built, installed, or manufactured.
  2. A mark that designates

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