Sentence Examples

  • These agreed in repudiating certain of the doctrines, rites and practices of the medieval Church, especially the sacrifice of the Mass and the headship of the bishop of Rome, and, whatever their official designations, came generally to be known as " Protestant."
  • It is to this period that we must trace such designations of the god as "father of the gods," "chief of the gods," "creator of all things," and the like.
  • We find in the Babylonian-Assyrian omen-texts special designations for the three main lobes of the sheep's liver - the lobus dexter, the lobus sinister and the lobus caudatus; the first-named being called "the right wing of the liver," the second "the left wing of the liver," and the third "the middle of the liver."
  • The designations and epithets which are in earlier times applied.
  • For various other designations see Tischendorf, Evang.