Sentence Examples

  • We find the Jewish usage from time to time reasserting itself after this, but it never prevailed to any large extent.
  • In the latter usage it indicated not that the god was the lord of the worshipper, but rather the possessor of, or ruler in, some place or district.
  • This usage is not Hebrew; it is not found either in the Old Testament or in the later (Mishnaic)Hebrew.
  • " Catholic " and " Catholicism " thus again changed and narrowed their meaning; they became, by universal usage, identified definitely with " Romanist " and the creed and obedience of Rome.
  • General du Teil, younger brother of the baron, had recently published a work, L' Usage de l'artillerie nouvelle; and it is now known that Bonaparte derived from this work and from those of Guibert and Bourcet that leading principle, concentration of effort against one point of the enemy's line, which he had advocated at Toulon and which he everywhere put in force in his campaigns.

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