Sentence Examples

  • Side being the one chosen for a reason we cannot now fathom; it may be that fixation was facilitated by the presence of the pore on that side, and by the utilization of the excretion from it as a cement.
  • On the Pacific coast of America, in New Zealand and in Japan a pilchard occurs (Clupea sagax) which in its characters and habits is so similar to the European pilchard that its general utilization is deserving of attention.
  • They involve high cost in fuel and labour, but permit the utilization of the waste gases.
  • Locusts devour all before them; caterpillars defoliate plant, and necessitate the premature utilization of its reserves; other insects (e.g.
  • FURNACE, a contrivance for the production and utilization of heat by the combustion of fuel.

What's another word for utilization?

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