Sentence Examples

  • His faith made him believe that his adversaries were in the wrong; but how great must have been this faith, which permitted him to undertake the work at a time when mechanical appliances for the execution of such an undertaking did not exist, and when for the utilization of the proposed canal there was as yet no steam mercantile marine !
  • The object which Marconi had in view was not merely the detection of electric waves, but their utilization in practical wireless telegraphy.
  • The exact way in which the utilization or fixation of the nitrogen is effected remains undecided.
  • The supply of oxygen to a plant is thus seen to be as directly connected with the utilization of the energy of a cell as is that of food concerned in its nutrition.
  • Locusts devour all before them; caterpillars defoliate plant, and necessitate the premature utilization of its reserves; other insects (e.g.

What's another word for utilization?

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