Sentence Examples

  • Amid the cares of state he found time for works of public utility and for the support of literature and art; he is credited with having sent the first embassy to a Christian power, after the Venetian expedition to Gallipoli in 1416, and the Ottoman navy is first heard of in his reign.
  • The most recent type of state commission is the so-called Public Utility Commission, of which the best examples are those of New York and Wisconsin, established in 1907.
  • Mill in his Utility of Religion as almost equal in ethical elevation to the Sermon on the Mount.
  • (4) In the theory of morals, Bailey is an advocate of utilitarianism (though he objects to the term "utility" as being narrow and, to the unthinking, of sordid content), and works out with great skill the steps in the formation of the "complex" mental facts involved in the recognition of duty, obligation, right.
  • Trajan never lacked money to expend on great works of public utility; as a builder, he may fairly be compared with Augustus.

What's another word for utility?

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