Sentence Examples

  • It was respect for this usefulness that kept Jared from feeling the brunt of Darkyn's anger.
  • However, here was where the gift's usefulness ended.
  • Nor are we able to start our philosophical investigations by an inquiry into the nature of human thought and its capacity to attain an objective knowledge, as in this case we would be actually using that instrument the usefulness of which we were trying to determine.
  • Until the time of John Dalton, the atomic conception remained purely qualitative, and until then it does not appear to have 1 Robert Boyle, The Sceptical Chymist (1661); The Usefulness of Natural Philosophy (1663).
  • While such a classification may serve its purpose as a sort of index, it must be confessed that the limits of its usefulness are soon reached.

What's another word for usefulness?

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