Sentence Examples

  • His shoes were covered with mud; he had torn his coat on the thorny tree.
  • Gray desert plants, notably cactuses and other thorny plants, partly replace in the south the bushes of the north.
  • The steppe region, whose flora begins to appear east of the western ridge, is distinguished by the variety of its species, the dry and thorny character of its shrubs, and great poverty in trees.
  • For instance, the names which they give to certain fruits, such as the duri-an, the rambut-an and the pulas-an, which are indigenous in the Malayan countries, and are not found elsewhere, are all compound words meaning respectively the thorny, the hairy and the twisted fruit.
  • There are also two kinds of shrubby plants, a thorny Composita called " ccanlli " and another, called " tola," which is a resinous Baccharis and is used for fuel.