Sentence Examples

  • I'm just checking on David Dean, latest mob burglary victim.
  • Winston would have my job if I blew his mob case on unfounded specula¬≠tion and if I went public in any way, the news is sure to get out.
  • If it was the mob, how had they gotten there first?
  • He at once became the leader of the European revolution; his speech was read aloud in the streets of Vienna to the mob by which Metternich was overthrown (March 13), and when a deputation from the Diet visited Vienna to receive the assent of the emperor to their petition it was Kossuth who received the chief ovation.
  • De' Ricci, deprived of the personal support of the grand-duke (now the emperor Leopold I.), exposed to pressure from Rome, and threatened with mob violence as a suspected destroyer of holy relics, resigned his see in 1791, and lived in Florence as a private gentleman until his death in 1810.

What's another word for mob?

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