Sentence Examples

  • It was very early noticed that the good and evil passions by their continual exercise stamp their impress on the face, and that each particular passion has its own expression.
  • It is in the festivals of the annual calendar that this agricultural impress is most fully manifested.
  • " Hamilton's line of thought may, however, impress on us the conviction that it is extremely natural for philosophy to pass beyond the limitations of a purely intuitionalist programme.
  • FitzGerald very justly attributed the landscape character of Tennyson's genius to the impress left on his imagination by "old Lincolnshire, where there were not only such good seas, but also such fine hill and dale among the wolds."
  • He had an interview with Napoleon III., who failed to impress him "as the great man which the world in general considers him."

What's another word for impress?

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