Sentence Examples

  • Cases of pallor due to too intense illumination and destruction of chlorophyll must also be distinguished.
  • The response to the action of light in diatropic leaves is, according to Haberlandt, due to the presence of epidermal cells which are shaped like a lens, or with lens-shaped thickenings of the cuticle, through which convergence of the light rays takes place and causes a differential illumination of the lining layer of protoplasm on the basal walls of the epidermal cells, by which the stimulus resulting in the orientation of the leaf is brought about.
  • In any case the proportion of the whole illumination to be found outside the circle of radius r is given by J02(z)+J12(z).
  • The only effect of the ruling is to diminish the amplitude in the ratio a: a+d; and, except for the difference in illumination, the appearance of a line of light is the same as if the aperture were perfectly free.
  • On either side of any one of them the illumination is distributed according to the same law as for the central image (m = o), vanishing, for example, when the retardation amounts to (mn t 1)X.

What's another word for illumination?

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