Sentence Examples

  • Bothe for the use of Instrumentes Geometricall and Astronomicall, and also for Projection of Plattes (London, 1551); The Castle of Knowledge, containing the Explication of the Sphere both Celestiall and Materiall, &c. (London, 1556); The Whetstone of Witte, which is the second part of Arithmetike, containing the Extraction of Rootes, the Cossike Practice, with the Rules of Equation, and the Woorkes of Surde Numbers (London, 1557).
  • But in any case it is characteristic of theosophy that it starts with an explication of the Divine essence, and endeavours to deduce the phenomenal universe from the play of forces within the Divine nature itself.
  • 25 adds an explication of the case of Rahab also, cited in Heb.
  • Philosophy may be said to be the explication of what is involved in this relation, or, in Kantian phraseology, a theory of its possibility.
  • The organized criticism of these conceptions is really nothing more than the full explication of what they mean and of what experience in its full nature or notion is.

What's another word for explication?

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